We work with Oklahoma Foundation Solutions to provide you with exceptional services for foundation repair and leveling. We are a local and family-owned company with over 36 years of foundation industry experience to offer you the absolute best in costumer service and innovative techniques while still being very affordable. We have extensive experience with investors and realtors. Whether your home or building is concrete slab or pier & beam/crawlspace  system, we pledge to provide one-day service on most of the jobs.

We offer some of the fastest response times in the business, which means that you can get the home leveling services that you need without having to wait. Additionally, most of our jobs can be completed in just one day at your home. Give us a call today for a free estimate

Your property’s foundation is one of the most important aspects of its construction and ensuring that you have available the services of foundation experts when it comes to obtaining quality home foundation repair is key in maximizing the life of both the foundation and the home that rests upon it. 

Choosing to bring in the expertise of Ada Foundation Repair for your needs will provide you with the best in foundation repair methods.

About Us
We are dedicated to ensuring that every property in the Ada, OK and areas surrounding Oklahoma City has the access required to both a free inspection estimate and foundation repair services that deliver quality to both commercial and residential properties alike. Whether you’re looking for preventative maintenance for pier and beam foundations, structural damage repair, house raising services or any other objective that provides quality home foundation repair, you could depend on the level of skill and dedication that our professionals provide. Simply turning to our foundation repair reviews will more than support our reputation.


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In order to ensure that you have the access required to quality foundation repair, we deliver the widest range of services to the Ada area and beyond. We are the professionals you need in your corner to fix foundation problems while also bringing you the lowest cost of fixing foundation issues that your property may fall subject to. We provide you with the treatment needed for block and base, settlement repair, cracked slab issues and much more. No matter the issue you find your property facing, turning to the expertise we provide will deliver results you can count on.


Concrete Slab Repair

Most of the properties in the Ada area depend on concrete slab foundations and when looking for quality slab repair, turning to the best in local foundation repair services will provide you with the results you need. When looking for a local foundation contractor to deliver cracked slab services, or any other means of returning rigidity and strength, you can depend on the skill and dedication of our professionals to provide you the best outcome.


Pier & Beam Repair

Though concrete slab foundations may be the most prevalent in the Ada area, there are still many across the city that depend on the pier and beam foundation. When looking for services that can care for the blocking base, provide you with settlement repair or home leveling services, choosing local specialists in this type of foundation will ensure that your property gets the highest level of care and that you can depend on the results to last.


Basement Repair

We extend the attention that we provide to your foundation all the way up to the supporting basement. Ada Foundation Repair delivers quality structural damage repair, through the best, top affordable services in the region. When you need the assistance of experts who can provide you with more than just attention for your foundation problems, you need to turn to the expertise of our foundation repair specialists for a result that matters.


Brick, Wood and Concrete Repair

For property buildings that depend on footings of other material options, such as a brick, wood or other concrete installation for block and base, you can also count on our professionals to provide you with results in this regard. If there is a building on your property resting on a footing of any type, you can be sure that our professionals know how to provide you with results that will last and deliver the strength you need.


“When trying to find out how much does foundation repair cost, I made the choice to reach out to Ada Foundation Repair for information. They were extremely helpful over the phone and gave me all the details required before obtaining their services for my needs.” – Jason H.

“I have the pier and beam foundation for my property and knowing that I have access to quality repairs when I need them is very important. I have trusted Ada Foundation Repair for years and they have always been reliable, accommodating and affordable in the results they provide.” – Paul W.

“When I was attempting to sell my home, I needed to ensure that the foundation was in the best possible condition. I called Ada Foundation Repair for an inspection and they were great to work with. They worked around my schedule and the end result was even more detailed than I expected.” – Jamie L. 

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Making the choice to pick up the phone and reach out to our professionals will provide you with the immediate response are looking for in the capability to have the right foundation experts bringing their attention to your property immediately. Whether you’re looking to have your foundation inspected, need your home measured for house raising or are aware of the foundation problems your property is suffering from, you can count on our foundation repair specialists to provide you the results you’re looking for quickly while also maintaining a dedication to the highest level of affordability when it comes to foundation repair contractor company.